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Dubrovnik - A Pearl of a Holiday

25th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

It is not too difficult to understand why flights to Dubrovnik are becoming increasingly popular. Similarly, it is not tricky to see why the city is named the ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’. It is quite simply a stunningly beautiful location, with a main thoroughfare that has iridescence like the precious stone it is named after.

Dubrovnik City Break

The beauty is far from skin deep too. Dubrovnik is not just a wonderful city to look at, it is also wonderfully intriguing to explore. From its walls that tower over the narrow streets, to the history that seeps from almost every building, it is captivating.

Flights to Dubrovnik offer so much for British tourists, as many holidaymakers with find out each year. There is a stunning beach just moments from the city centre, lush islands just a short ferry ride away, markets to delve into and food which deserves some undivided attention.

Must Do Things in Dubrovnik

Three things to definitely do whilst enjoying a break in this glorious city are walk the medieval walls, ride the cable car to Mount Srd and take in the splendour held within the Dubrovnik Museum.

That is the daytime taken care of in any case, but for the night, it’s possible to go a little more modern.

Dubrovnik has a fantastic party scene amidst the tradition, and two spots definitely worth taking in are the Revelin Club and the EastWest Beach Club. Both kick out the latest tunes until the early hours.

This is merely scratching the surface of a wonderful city, however, and there are plenty of uncovered gems to explore.

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