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Dubrovnik Gives Holidaymakers Plenty Of Food For Thought

17th April 2013 • Posted in Announcements

One reason for booking cheap flights to Dubrovnik with is the delicious Croatian cuisine that holidaymakers can enjoy once they get there, which makes it the ideal venue for events like the recently held 10th Mediterranean Food Fair.

The 10th Fair of Healthy Food, Medicinal Herbs and Green Entrepreneurship, to give it its full name, was a specialist event focusing on ecology, traditional agriculture, environmental entrepreneurism, and other green issues. Launched in 2005 with the aim of promoting Dubrovnik-Neretva county as a genetically modified organism (GMO)-free zone, this year’s event attracted more than 200 exhibitors over the period of March 21st – 24th. Visitors came from across Europe too, to sample for themselves the rich culture of Dubrovnik and beyond.

Local Love

As well as promoting local, high quality products through trademarks like the ‘Croatian Quality’ and ‘Authentically Croatian’ brands, there was an emphasis on newer green initiatives such as eco-furniture, natural clothing and hybrid electric vehicles. The event also included lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and educational presentations, plus cultural and culinary-themed entertainments, all with the theme of promoting and raising the standards of eco-friendly production.

However, by no means have you missed out if you’re planning to take flights to Dubrovnik this summer, as you’ll be spoiled for choice of places to dine on Croatian cuisine, pick up some locally produced crafts and of course, get to grips with the Dubrovnik fashions too. 

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