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Dutch Restaurant Caters for Solo Travellers

12th August 2013 • Posted in Announcements

A new restaurant in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, decided to address the age-old social stigma of solo dining recently, by temporarily kitting itself out with tables designed to accommodate single eaters.

Amsterdam Solo Eaters

Eenmaal, which translates roughly into English as “one time”, was the idea of Dutch branding company Vandejong, which wanted to provide a comfortable environment for the more adventurous travellers who make the decision to board cheap flights to Amsterdam by themselves.

While the area’s fast food restaurants tend to offer quick, often machine-distributed meals which are ideal for lone explorers, Eenmaal – which was only open for two days at the end of June – focused instead on removing the taboo in the fine dining world.

Dining in Pleasant Solitude

Speaking on behalf of Vandejong, Marina van Goor said in a press release:

“It is the perfect place to dine in pleasant solitude; an exciting experiment for those who never go out for dinner alone and an attractive place to eat for those who already enjoy doing so.”

While the restaurant closed its doors on June 29th, many are expecting it to pop up again somewhere else in the city during the summer, so those who have booked cheap flights to Amsterdam with should certainly keep their eyes peeled.

Amsterdam is particularly popular among solo tourists looking to explore its waterways and historical buildings, and the city is expected to entice even more people than usual this summer, with sizable music festivals like the Amsterdam Dance Event and Lowlands taking place later in the year.

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