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Eeh By Gum, There’s Nowt Better Than Yorkshire Day!

01st August 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Unless yer lugs have fell off yer ‘ead, or yer just daft as a brush, you’ll know that today is Yorkshire Day, an’ ere at we’re proud to call Yorkshire our ‘ooam!
Aye, you’ll find our ‘eadquarters at t’bonny Leeds Bradford Airport, an’ we’ve been taking t’local lads, lasses ‘n sprogs on cheap flights across Europe ‘n beyond sin’ 2002.

Jet2 Friendly Low Fares

Have a Skeg at Our Cheap Flights

If yer owt’ like us at, you’ll be spendin’ yer Yorkshire Day suppin’ Yorkshire Tea an’ scoffin’ Yorkshire puddings an’ pikelets, but whether it’s siling down or sunny we’ll also be tekkin’ thousands o’ customers off ta one o’ our many cracking destinations – as well a’ welcomin’ plenty o’ folk to Yorkshire an ‘orl!

So, why don’t yer bagsy thissen a cheap flight on an’ celebrate a propa’ Tyke company this Yorkshire Day. We’ll ‘ave plenty o’ room for yer flat cap in our over’ead compartments, so we ‘ope ta sithee soon!

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