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Excitement for the Three Kings Day in Spain

06th January 2014 • Posted in Announcements

Children across Spain are enjoying the amazing Three Kings Day on 6th January 2014.

Just as the rest of the world is winding down from the Christmas festivities, Spain is all set to celebrate the Epiphany – the day when baby Jesus was said to have been visited by the Three Wise Men.

Every year, on the night of 5th January, Spanish children leave their shoes out, ready and waiting for gifts to be placed under them during the night. And if they have been naughty, instead of presents they can expect a lump of coal! Luckily, the coal is actually carbon dulce, a crunchy black sweet.

The 5th January is also marked by the arrival of the Three Kings in towns across Spain. The oldest of these parades takes place in Alcoy, a historic city less than an hour’s drive inland from Benidorm and destination, Alicante.

The Three Wise Men make a magnificent entrance into Alcoy – they arrive draped in fine robes on camels, loaded with plenty of presents. Torchbearers then light the way into the centre of town, so royal pages can pass on the gifts to local children. What a great way to mark the end of the festive season! flies to Alicante from Belfast, Blackpool, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, and Newcastle.

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