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Experience The 2012 French Open

23rd May 2012

Held in the famous Roland Garros Stadium in Western Paris, these clay court championships are the finest in the world. The French Open is the second of the four annual Grand Slam tournaments, and 2012 event will run from 27th May until the 10th June.

French Open

Rafael Nadal will be going for a record breaking 7th Roland Garros title this year, whilst the first Chinese Grand Slam victor Na Li will be defending last year’s triumph.

Getting Even Bigger

The French Open is renowned for its challenging playing surface. The clay courts make for a slow, physically demanding game, meaning strong serving players struggle to dominate. Big name players such as Pete Sampras and John McEnroe have never won the French Open, in spite of winning many other big events. Instead the field is opened up to outsiders, making for an exciting tournament. It’s no surprise that the Open is the most watched French event in the world.

The Roland Garros stadium has recently been approved for major expansion in order to accommodate the predicted growth of the French Open over the coming years.  The project will include the building of 35 outdoor courts, a new media centre and a centre court with a retractable roof, meaning play can continue in inclement weather.

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