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Find Peace at a Yoga Retreat in Ibiza

31st January 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Ibiza is better known for being a party island, than as a place to go on a journey to find inner peace.  Yet the northern side of the island is fast becoming a haven for those wanting to escape the noise and hubbub of life and retreat into themselves with the aid of meditation and yoga.  The retreats have very much the feeling of a community with them almost resembling a traditional college campus, with plenty of communal areas and shared facilities.

Yoga in Ibiza image

Perfect Location

A week or two in the retreat will be a world away from your usual summer holiday, but your body and soul will probably thank you for it.  Yoga classes beneath the warmth of the sun, on private terraces are only part of the attraction.  Whether you are an early bird or a late starter there are classes and sessions for all ages and abilities to leave you feeling relaxed and at peace.  The food that is served is all home-cooked, vegetarian and created using the very best in fresh local ingredients.

Return Relaxed and Refreshed

Rather than coming home from your holiday feeling like you need to take another one to recover from your exertions, a summer holiday within a yoga retreat will leave you feeling revitalised and ready to get back into the flow of your daily life.  There are a number of cheap flights to Ibiza available with so start booking your summer holiday with a difference soon and regain your inner calm.

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