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Flying to Corfu this Summer? It Could Become a Christmas Holiday

27th February 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Religious tourism could be a determining factor in the number of cheap flights to Corfu that are booked this year, following the news that the Ionian isle has been twinned with Bethlehem – not the home of Jesus, but the town in Pennsylvania.

Corfu Beaches

Bethlehem is a sizeable town in the Lehigh Valley, where around 2,000 residents are of Greek descent. Recently, it was announced that Corfu is to become Bethlehem’s forth Sister City. The other three are towns in Germany, Slovenia and Japan, but Corfu qualifies because it is the capital of the Ionian Islands. It also has several things in common with its twin sister, such as a pronounced European influence, an administration governed by a city council and mayor, and World Heritage and Scientific status, which Bethlehem does not yet have, but is actively pursuing.

A Beautiful Destination

A heavy reliance on the tourist trade is another thing Bethlehem and Corfu have in common. Daniel Smith, the United States Ambassador to Greece, has taken this on board and is actively promoting the island as a destination to which Americans will want to go for their holidays. On March 22, the Corfiot mayor and other Greek delegates will be travelling to Bethlehem to sign an official agreement, followed in June by a similar ceremony in Corfu Town, attended by the Bethlehem mayor and his delegates.

Corfu, like the Lehigh Valley, is a lush and beautiful destination, and June is the perfect time to visit. Cheap flights to Corfu and other Greek Islands are available now from

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