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Forget the budget - travel with The North's best budget airline

22nd March 2006

In turn, the move drove the smoking public to want to take a drag even more than normal - although it's now too expensive to do so! are urging you to follow the cheaper and most public conscious budget - the budget.

  • Why drink in your local pub for £4.00 (sorry £4.01 pence now) per pint when you can drink in Prague for 35p a pint?
  • Why not stock up on your cigarettes in the Canary Islands instead of the Corner Shop?
  • Why not escape the Budget in duty free Bergen?

Oh and by the way, as Gordon's raising prices, we've reduced 100s of seats to Tenerife & Spain this April, May, June & July...

Go on you know it makes sense, escape Gordon Brown's Greed- travel abroad and come back with more money than you would have if you'd stayed at home!

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