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Freedom to Roam On Summer Visits to Rome

28th June 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Anyone taking cheap flights to Rome this summer and travelling through the city on public transport will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi in a host of areas.

Rome Wifi

The company responsible for the Eternal City's transport, Atac, has launched a complete service offering passengers up to one full hour of access free of charge each day. Accessible from more than 60 access points across the city, passengers will be covered on board too.

A total of 20 trams, running on lines 2, 3 and 8, have been kitted out with Wi-Fi following a successful two-month trial. Eleven terminals in the city will also provide access, as will 31 electronic street panels.

Keep Connected

As well as providing complete internet access free of charge for an hour, visitors will be able to view the city's transport and tourism websites at any time.

Atac, the company responsible for public transport in Rome, has said that all devices can be connected through its Wi-Fi network. It also said further tram lines will soon be enabled.

As with many other major cities, Wi-Fi is now expected everywhere, and Rome is clearly no different. For times when a sit down and perhaps a famously Italian coffee is required, it is certainly lucky that most cafes in the city provide free Wi-Fi too.

Having city-wide access, however, is great for letting friends and family know just what a good time is being had after arriving on cheap flights to Rome with

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