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Getting Crafty in the Balearic Islands

16th May 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Handmade treasures and artisan crafts are easy to come by in the Balearic Islands and, this summer, a whole host of arts and crafts workshops mean that those with a crafty disposition can even make and bring home their own souvenirs.

Ibiza Coast

When looking to book flights for the summer, many people choose to not plan further than getting off the plane and getting on the sun lounger. However, with an abundance of cheap flights to the Balearic Islands of Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza, many people are now choosing to spend the extra money that they save on the flight on indulging a hobby or passion that sometimes gets neglected due to the pressures of everyday life.

World of Crafts to Discover

Ibiza has long been home to an arty, spiritual vibe which makes it the natural home of crafts in the Balearics. The San Miguel crafts fair in Ibiza happens every Thursday evening and is known locally as the best place to pick up hand-crafted jewellery and knickknacks. There is also a weekly folk dancing performance held in the square at San Miguel. In San Lorenzo, there is a crafts villa offering plenty to indulge even the craftiest of holiday makers.

Majorca is well-known for its glassblowing and a trip to the island would not be complete without browsing local glassblowers' workshops to find unique souvenirs to take home. Vidrierias Gordiola in Palma, Majorca, is a local glassmaker that offers intricate works of art, tableware and goblets.

Cheap flights to the Balearic Islands are easy to book with, meaning that planning a summer holiday with an arty twist is well within reach.

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