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Go Mad for Marvellous Macarons in Paris

02nd April 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Much like cupcakes, French macarons have become the latest trendy sweet snack, but who can resist those colourful, crispy and gooey goodies, in a variety of delightful and exotic flavours? You certainly won’t be able to, especially after arriving on cheap flights to Paris with, where the macarons are truly out of this world!Paris Culture Eiffel Tower

For those not familiar with macarons, these delectable treats consist of two round macaron shells, sandwiched together with a ganache filling. However, when you ask a Parisian as to where you can find the very best macarons in the city, you’re likely to receive a multiplicity of responses. 

Tempting Treats

Some say that you can’t beat Ladureé, the pretty, boutique-like macaron shop that specialises in classic flavours like chocolate, pistachio and vanilla. After all, it was one of Ladureé’s pastry chefs that actually created macarons as we now know them, and they’re so well-known in the world of macarons that they sell around 15,000 of them every day.

On the other hand, many Parisians prefer the adventurous macaron flavours of Pierre Hermé, who has used everything from salted caramel to rose petals to create his indulgent macarons. You’ll find equally exciting tastes at Arnaud Larher’s macaron stores too, where the desserts come in flavours of Coca-Cola, champagne, green apple and much more. The only way to find out which macaron maker you prefer after arriving on cheap flights to Paris, is to try and sample them all!

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