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Holiday Cost Barometer 2013 Reveals Cheapest Destinations

10th June 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Recently, the Post Office released its ‘2013 Holiday Cost Barometer’ and has revealed the cheapest destinations for British holidaymakers, with the likes of Majorca, Menorca, and Marmaris making the list. With many Brits looking ahead to booking cheap flights to Marmaris or the Balearic Islands, this information might come in useful in budgeting their holiday.

Holidays Abroad

The barometer compares the price of 10 different holiday necessities across the several resorts to see which destinations come up cheapest. The 2012 Holiday Barometer found that there were some fluctuations in price across the resorts, but many of them have differing prices on individual items, which may skew the results a little.

Excellent Destinations at Great Value

Importantly, top destinations like Majorca came fifth, with prices falling nearly 10% over the last 12 months. Menorca was also on the list, but is not as cheap as its neighbour Majorca. Marmaris also made an appearance, coming in seventh place and costing less than some of its other Turkish counterparts.

Although the Holiday Cost Barometer can give tourists an idea where the cheapest resorts are, there are a few things to note with the research. The 10 key items used in the comparisons may not be accurate for all tourists, so for those who plan on booking cheap flights to Marmaris, for example, but don’t plan on buying many of the items on the list, the holiday may work out considerably cheaper. has many cheap flights to Marmaris and the Balearic Islands, which mean summer holidays can be affordable.

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