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Holidaymakers Can Spend it Like Beckham in Paris

04th March 2013 • Posted in Announcements

There should be an increase in bookings for cheap flights to Paris over the next few months, now that David Beckham has signed up to play his football there.

Paris Skyline

As Britain’s wealthiest footballer, Beckham has little need to watch the pennies when he travels anywhere. The same goes for shopping and, now he has signed for Paris Saint-Germain, he will be in one of the shopping capitals of the world.

Paris offers a wealth of opportunities for those who want to bend their plastic a little, and with Victoria opting to stay at home with the children so they can continue their schooling, he will be free to look beyond Carven and Hermes. Two of his wife’s favourite designer stores, they are located on the Rue Saint Sulpice and Rue de Sèvres respectively. Another place he might be tempted to shop is Berluti, although he might not want to mix work with pleasure; the boulevard on which this historic bootmakers is sited bears the same name as his new club.

Family Visits to the City

The chances are, though, that David won’t be flash with his cash, having declared – after buying miniature PSG football shirts for all four of his children – that he will donate his entire five months’ salary to Parisian children’s’ charities. This is bound to make him a hit with parents, even if they hate football, and should ensure a steady stream of families visiting the capital over the half-term holiday.

They needn’t spend heavily to get there though, with cheap flights to Paris available at the website. 

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