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Holidays Help Kids in School, According to Survey

09th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

The summer holiday is something most children look forward to every year, as it stretches out in front of them with endless possibilities. While the UK’s Education Secretary has suggested the shortening of schools’ summer breaks, most parents booking cheap flights to Cyprus and Marmaris will know that a fun week or two away can do a world of good to a child’s motivation and energy levels.

Cyprus Summer Holidays

According to a survey carried out by The Adventure Company, which questioned over 4,000 families, the majority of parents say that taking their child away had helped them make progress with at least one of their school subjects. The research revealed that a child’s geography, history and language skills could be improved by a holiday abroad, further suggesting that learning doesn’t just have to happen within the controlled classroom environment.

Life Experience

It was found that even a broader range of subjects were improved upon by some kids due to experiences they had gained while on holiday. Cultural holidays that come with booking cheap flights to Amsterdam or Barcelona could be prime examples of unique experiences that the classroom cannot provide.

Almost every parent believed that taking a child on holiday improved their social and emotional skills, with many citing an increase in curiosity or tolerance of other people and their cultural differences. Although in-school education is invaluable, holidays and experiences can provide that little bit of extra life experience. With increasing the availability of cheap flights to Dubrovnik, Cyprus and many more destinations, both children and parents can benefit from unique experiences.

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