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Idyllic Croatia is Worth Exploring

22nd July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Holidays to Dubrovnik have been popular with Brits for quite some time now, but there is far more to Croatia than the beautiful medieval city on the Adriatic.

Dubrovnik islands

With offering great bargain flights to the city too, there should be plenty of cash left over to explore.

A beautiful town for couples to visit is Korcula. Located in the Adriatric, less than three hours from Dubrovnik, Korcula offers sandy beaches, panoramic vistas, sweetly scented pine woods and vibrant vineyards.

Romantic Elegance

It is all about romantic elegance here, which is certainly the first impression visitors will get on arrival. Greeted by Venetian architecture, it is like taking a step back in time. It truly is highly recommended for those looking for a romantic escape this summer.

Other nearby villages are also wonderful to explore, from Brna which nestles up against the harbour on this peninsular, to the ancient settlement of Prigradica.

Those looking for a sense of nature would do well to take to the seas to, with a visit to the island of Mljet. Located just over two hours from Dubrovnik, Mljet provides a verdant and vibrant landscape. Half of the island is dedicated to a National Park, which houses the salted lakes of Malo and Veliko Jezero.

Croatia is also ideal for those looking for a cultural experience, with the hamlet of Veliko also the location for an evocative Benedictine monastery.

All across Croatia, there are hidden gems like these to discover. So many in fact, those taking flights to Dubrovnik would do very well to venture further afield.

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