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Is it a bird, is it a plane... no it's a piece of paper!

24th November 2005 recently took part in a record breaking attempt to fly a plane over 27.5 seconds- no mean feat we hear you say, it's what airlines do every day. However, when the aircraft is made of paper and you are only allowed a smidgeon of sellotape to hold it together then it's a slightly harder task! teamed up with Aeronautical students at Leeds University on 23rd Nov and sponsored students in their attempt to break the world record for the longest period of time a paper plane stays in flight.

8 teams (with 3 people per team) of paper plane enthusiasts gathered in the Great Hall at Leeds University to attempt to break the record.

Sadly the winning attempt on the day was just short of 7 seconds, so there's still a world record up for grabs for all you paper plane pilots out there!

Fancy a go yourself?

Tips from a member of the winning team, John Henderson, are:

- The simplest designs are the best.

- You have to throw it fast and once it’s got up into the air it opens itself up and is capable of gliding a bit longer.

John said:

"It might have gone a bit longer, I think, if it didn’t hit the wall. I’d love to see this 27-second plane because it must be really good."

So the moral of the story is, keep it simple and watch out for those walls if you want to be a record breaker!

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