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Istanbul Named European Sports Capital

25th January 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Istanbul was recently elected as the European Capital for Sport for the year 2012. This recognition is bringing the sporty side of Turkey into the spotlight. Sports enthusiasts can go ahead and book cheap flights to Turkey as the sports scene in the country is set to get even better. 

Bright Lights of Istanbul

Winning after a unanimous decision by the ACES (European Capitals of Sports Association), some people are even expecting Istanbul to be hosting the Olympic Games in the near future. 

The award was handed to Istanbul to recognise its commitment to the world of sports. This recognition is expected to help Turkey improve the wellbeing of its sportsmen and improve social relations with other countries. This means sports enthusiasts in Istanbul and other parts of the world can look forward to attending some of the most high profile sporting events in the world. 

Numerous Sporting Events to Look Forward to

Sport is an integral part of everyday life in Istanbul. Placing special importance on football and basketball, the nation has several formidable teams and is home to major sports arenas. 

Recently, hosting the World Basketball Championship in 2010, Turkey was placed second in the tournament. In addition to ball games, Turkey is also fond of athletics and motor sports. Istanbul Park Racing Track has previously hosted high profile races like Formula 1, Moto GP and other internationally known motor sport events. 

Turkey hosts marathon events with unique tracks that span over two continents through a suspension bridge. Istanbul is also home to several great tennis facilities and golf courses that visitors can take advantage of.  

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