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Jersey, With Just a Map and Your Whims to Follow.

11th July 2012 • Posted in Where2 Magazine

Jersey’s vital statistics are just nine miles by five so it sounds, on paper, like an island you can stroll around in no time. But statistics can be deceptive. Jersey is criss-crossed by so many miles of footpaths that you could spend an entire holiday walking and still not tread every trail. I can say this with some authority having given it a good try in a two-week holiday with no plan other than getting out in the fresh air and walking.

Jersey Walking

When I say walk, I really mean ramble – only without the rush – which I guess makes it an amble. We had no ambition to set any speed records, no desire to dash. We had no itinerary – simply a map and our whims to follow. We explored the coastline, strolling endless beaches and cooling our hot feet with a paddle in the sea. Inland there are quiet lanes to stroll as they wind winsomely through the countryside.

On themed walks we found out about the flowers that grow, the animals that thrive and the fish that are landed. Some days were an open-air history lesson. We pondered about prehistoric sites and wondered about romantic ruins. Ancient castles, built to protect the island, impressed us with their strength. Concrete bunkers, built by an uninvited army, silenced us with their cruelty.

Some walks led us from pub to pub where we ate the most wonderful lunches. Or we took picnics and fell asleep in the shade of kindly trees.We saw so much, but we didn’t see it all, which is great – because it gives us the perfect excuse to visit Jersey again.

Spring Walking Week

Join free walks led by experienced guides. 

Choose from about 40, varying in length and degree of difficulty.

Or join the Around Island Walk, a five-day trek around the

coastline. There is also an Autumn Walking Weeks.

For more information call Jersey Tourism on

01534 448877 or visit

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