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23rd November 2010 welcomed the Tall Persons Club of Great Britain and Ireland onboard to experience the airlines new innovative seating design – for the ultimate feedback from a club whose average male height is 6 foot 5 inches!

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For Summer 2011 all aircraft will feature innovative ergonomically designed seating, sculpted to increase knee and leg room, allowing customers to stretch their legs out, and thinner to create more space between the seat in-front – all this making the passenger experience more spacious and comfortable and enough to accommodate the tallest traveller! The seats were designed with the 95 percentile male in mind by a designer who is 6 ft 3.

Each of's Boeing 757 aircraft have been refitted with the new seats and the airline's fleet of 737 are currently being refitted with all completed by May 2011.

Four members of the Tall Persons Club visited at its home at Leeds Bradford Airport to learn more about's new seating and try it for themselves. John White, general manager projects and planning from explained the science behind the seats detailing the research and development work and then discussed the seats with the tall travellers answering their queries. The airline invited the club to give valuable feedback on the new state of the art seating to help in its drive to provide the very best possible service and comfort for its customers. 

Louise Ross-Foden, director of the Tall Persons Club GB and Ireland, who is 6ft 3in, commented: "We were delighted to be asked to come and meet with the team, to try out some of the new seating and give our opinion. And we felt our tall order was met by the airline! We have tried in vain to talk to many airlines since the Club started in 1992, as travelling can be so difficult when you are above average height – it often puts us off going places. Knowing we can travel comfortably on the aircraft will open up a whole new world of destinations for us. The airline definitely has the support of the Tall Persons Club, and myself and my 6ft 8in husband will definitely use for a flight in the near future."

Andrew Smith, a 6ft 6in member of the club, added: "This is the first time an airline has really taken us into consideration and it's fantastic to know members of the Tall Persons Club can now travel in comfort with The new seat design means we can genuinely fit our legs in and also use the tray which has previously been difficult, if not impossible on some planes. In addition, the 22kg luggage allowance provides is ideal as it allows extra for larger shoes and clothes, which all weigh more! For the more than 500 members our Club has, this is a really important step forward in affordable air travel."

John White, from said: "We've had a fantastic afternoon with the members of the Tall Person's Club. It has been incredibly valuable to hear their views, personal needs and challenges that are faced when travelling by air. The new interiors look to be a hit with the tall travellers!

"We spent over 18 months perfecting the details of the aircraft upgrades and summer 2011 will see the entire fleet completed - this is a great achievement for the company. With style in mind, the new seating is made from a revolutionary leather material known as e-Leather in's trademark red and silver colours."

An additional benefit of the new seats is that they are lighter, therefore reducing the over all weight of the aircraft, this means that less fuel is needed, which helps keep the airline's fares as low as possible. The approximate average weight reduction from the replacement seats, per aircraft is 400 kilos. With 34 aircraft flying an average of 3 return sectors per day this represents a weight saving of over 40 tonnes per day – which therefore reduces fuel burn. This is one of the initiatives to reduce fuel and improve environmental performance. 

Greater customer comfort is underpinned by's more for less ethos – where the customers receive a friendly service, convenient flight times, allocated seating and a generous 22kg baggage allowance for a great value fare.

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