« Back breaks out from the Siege of Chambery!

04th April 2006

One passenger on the spot tells News & Views how the intrepid folk of Yorkshire broke the French blockade.

"As we sat enjoying the last of our superb French beer and looking forward to our journey home (although we were already missing the French Alps, having enjoyed some excellent snowboarding), our attention was drawn to a mass rush of students from the airport perimeter fence towards the runway. To our amazement the protesters promptly sat down on the runway and soaked up the fresh alpine air and evening sunshine."

"Having flown to Budapest, Geneva and Prague in the past with and looking forward to their new services to Milan, Nice and Rome this Summer, I can honestly say this was the most amazing scene I've witnessed in my years of low cost travel with the North's low cost airline."

"We kept on shouting to them "roast beefs want to go home" and after two hours they packed their satchels and headed off into the alpine sunset!"

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