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27th July 2018 • Posted in Announcements

Commenting on the new government-backed ‘One Too Many’ campaign to crackdown on the overconsumption of alcohol leading to disruptive incidents, Phil Ward, Managing Director of said:

“The issue of disruptive passenger behaviour caused by drinking too much alcohol affects many airlines. Although our crew and colleagues are highly-trained and do a fantastic job in often difficult circumstances, it is unacceptable that they must be left to manage the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. At the same time, customers travelling on well-earned holidays should not be subjected to this behaviour.

“We launched our Onboard Together campaign to tackle the issue in 2015, but incidents of disruptive passenger behaviour caused by drinking to excess show no sign of reducing. We welcome this new initiative to tackle the problem, however the time for taking action to tackle the problem is long overdue.

“That is why we are demanding more industry-wide action on this issue, from sealed bags preventing the illicit consumption of duty free alcohol in the airport and onboard the aircraft, to more rigorous licensing standards in airports. As a family friendly airline flying millions of people on holiday every year, we take a zero tolerance approach to disruptive passenger behaviour and we will always support measures that ensure safe, disruption-free travel for our crew and customers”.

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