« Back condemns French Strike Action and calls for 'lazy frogs' to get back to work!

30th March 2006

On behalf of every holiday maker & business person heading overseas today that has been indefinitely delayed due to this strike action, our boss Philip Meeson puts the following questions to the French:

  • What exactly are you striking about? Or just in case you don't understand that "pouvez-vous nous expliquer pourquoi exactement êtes-vous en grève...?"
  • After a token stoppage why can't you just sort the matter out amicably without bringing thousands of people around the world (who, I would like to add give your country huge economic wealth) in to the argument?
    You choose to do the job you do and it's appalling that you are taking advantage of your dominant position by neglecting the responsibility you have to your customers...yes that's right, holidaymakers pay your wages.

Philip also added, "Whilst France is undeniably a beautiful country (with equally good food and beer I hasten to add) we are appalled and quite frankly tired of the Air Traffic Controllers old fashioned attitude to dealing with any issues they may have."

In short we urge the French Air Traffic Controllers to get back to work or get another job.

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