« Back wins Race against Eurostar

16th November 2007

Even with having to do a 40 minute commute from York to Leeds Bradford Airport for the flight - the reporter using the Eurostar could step straight onto the train at York so stole a bit of a head start! - and a French Rail Transport Strike stopping the reporter from using the extremely convenient and cost effective regional railway at Charles de Gaulle Airport straight into the centre of Paris the flight still got our passenger to the Eiffel Tower 30 minutes ahead of the Eurostar and with the price of the air ticket over 50% cheaper than the rail fare, could afford to buy his losing colleague a slap up meal at a top Paris restaurant.

The reporter remarked on the extremely fast check-in time at Leeds Bradford, the super fast security and the comfy leather seats onboard the flight as well as the fantastic views!

Infact, without the hindrance of a French Transport strike you can cut at least 2 1/2 hours off your journey using a flight compared to the Eurostar from the Yorkshire region and with prices starting from as little as £9.99 including taxes there really is no comparison!

To see the full report visit BBC's website - Always better than a train to Paris!

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