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Jet2holidays Teaches Children a Travel Lesson

26th September 2012 • Posted in Community

- Package holiday specialist responds to teacher’s request for travel project

Responding to a request from Year 3 teacher Anna Richards, staff from Yorkshire package holiday specialist Jet2holidays went back to school to give Doncaster school children a lesson in travel.

Anna Kershaw and Gemma Walker from Jet2holidays visited Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School, Doncaster, and brought travel to life through an explanation of destinations, brochures to look at and a role play of booking a holiday with a travel agent. The 32 seven year olds have been working on a ‘Getaways’ project about travel so had lots of questions for the travel experts and were keen to tell about their holidays in the UK and overseas.

Anna Richards, Teacher of Year 3 at Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School, said: “I wanted to engage the children in a project where they create their own travel agency. The children really enjoyed Anna and Gemma’s visit and learnt a lot. We’ll be using what they learnt for the next stages of the project. I really appreciate the staff from Jet2holidays taking time out of their day to come and host such an interesting and fun session, especially for some of those children who may never experience overseas travel first hand.”

Anna Kershaw, Jet2holidays Trade Manager, said: “We really enjoyed the visit to the school. It was a pleasure to share our knowledge to enhance the children's learning by bringing holidays to the classroom!”

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