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John Prescott wastes tax payer's money.

02nd March 2006

Some time ago, a Civil Servant in The Deputy Prime Ministers office, who had taken it in his own hands as a fan of to choose to fly with us between London & Manchester, met our Chief Executive on board. He explained how much he liked the product and appreciated what good value for money our flights are. He followed on by explaining that the Government tend to stick with ‘flag carriers’ and generally won't shop around for the best deals. He said "it is very difficult to ensure the travel bookers within Government use low cost flights".

We understand that for some people old habits die hard (and we all know that some politicians are very set in their ways!) so we wrote to The Deputy Prime Minister pointing out that flag carriers that rival us on routes such as London Gatwick - Manchester charge extortionate prices in comparison. In addition they are simply not as reliable as, the most on time Domestic Airline at London Gatwick.

But we received no reply from that letter and still have not...

After chasing up our initial correspondence (yes John, if you're reading this our original letter was nearly a year ago!), John or his Government Bods don't seem too interested in taking us up on the offer of helping him to help the Government save money on air fares.

So, one last chance John, in the nature of saving taxpayers further expenditure, we're appealing to you through News and Views to check out our low FARE FINDER at it will save you time, money and from getting egg on your face (again!) when asked about Government expenditure.

And while you're at it John, can we have a reply...?

Copy of initial letter from's Chief Executive to The Deputy Prime Minister's office, dated 21st March 2005 »

Fax dated 30th July 2005 chasing a response »

Further fax dated 16th September 2005, again chasing a response »

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