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05th December 2007

Why did you apply to

Debbie: When began flying out of Leeds Bradford Airport I phoned up to get an application form for my daughter, but she was too young. I kept thinking about the job – it was short haul, it was local, my children were independent. I was fed up with my old job and thought, I can do that!

Darren: I’ve wanted to work on planes ever since I was a child and went on my first holiday! I saw all the publicity when moved into Leeds Bradford Airport and I thought this was ideal – I wouldn’t have to relocate so I wrote a letter introducing myself.

How did you feel on the interview day?

Darren: I felt like a fish out of water but very excited!

Debbie: I wasn’t going to go! I thought I was too old. Then when I got the job I couldn’t believe what I had done – it was going to be a total life change.

Did you enjoy the training?

Debbie: It was very hard work but by the end of it I had made some brilliant friends, and was also known as Mummy Debbie! There was a great mix of ages on the course. I started out as a main crew member and over the years I progressed to a senior cabin crew member and for the past two years I have been a cabin crew trainer.

Darren: I remember my first training flight was to Barcelona – I was so nervous I was burning a lot of emotional energy that day! Then on my first time as a fully trained cabin crew member I remember flying over the Pyrenees watching the passenger’s heads wobble during the turbulence thinking, can this be real?

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying?

Darren: Make sure the job is for you – be genuine, honest and just be yourself. You cram so much into one working day – visiting two countries, meeting over 400 people a day. Cabin crew is not as stereotypical as it sounds – you are the police, paramedics, fire men, cleaners, cooks and entertainers all in one!

Debbie: I used to have a career in hairdressing and changing to be cabin crew is the best thing I have ever done. I have never looked back. You need plenty of support from your family and friends and you must believe in yourself.

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