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Making Music on the Spanish Costas

02nd August 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Spain literally does have a musical heritage that goes from A-Z with bands, singers and musicians making their voices heard from Alicante to Zaragoza.  Though for some reason the music of Spain has rarely made it big in the UK.  It was said a couple of years ago that because illegal music downloading was going unchecked or given little concern in Spain the country would become a cultural and musical desert, but those critics continue to be proven wrong.

Spanish Costas Music image

Wold Wide Sales

Spanish is spoken the world over and Spanish speaking acts sell millions of albums every year, only reaching the UK when their work in included or sampled in cross over tracks from artists like Rihanna and Shakira.  The UK audience needs to realise that there is much more to the Spanish music scene that just the Inglesias dynasty.  The music that fuels the clubs scene across the Costas, flamenco fusion and Catalan rumba can be heard and enjoyed across the country.

Listen to the Music

The next time you are holidaying in the Spanish Costas make a point of listening to the music that is playing in the bars and clubs, it might surprise you.  There are a number of agencies that are offering cheap flights to the Spanish Costas so your next visit might be sooner than you think, especially if you book with a company like  So open your ears and your minds to the music of Spain and enjoy the experience.

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