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Nearly Two Thirds of British Holidays Will be Booked Online this Year

27th March 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Recent research suggests more than 60% of people booking cheap flights to Tenerife and other popular holiday destinations in 2013 will do so online.

Online Booking

A study conducted by TNS for Travel Weekly in early February highlights the growing popularity of internet channels among those planning a holiday. Over 2,000 adults responded to the survey, with 42% saying they would make their travel arrangements online. Another 12% would use traditional high street outlets, while only 5% would book by phone. This suggests that up to twenty million will be using the internet to book their holidays this year, compared to around eight million using other methods. This gap is expected to widen as the year progresses.

Making Their Own Decisions

These results confirm that consumers feel most at ease when they are able to make holiday decisions themselves online. This applies to individual components as well as packages. On the whole, young adults were most likely to use the Internet, with 55% of 16 to 34-year old respondents saying they would use web sites, compared to 25% of the 50 plus age group. The largest number of online bookings was made by students (60%). This figure came down to just 20% for retired persons. Wealthier households, and those with children at home, were also more likely to book by mouse.

It has to be remembered that many people who say they intend to fly abroad do not subsequently do so. However, the 60% figure is an encouraging sign. Holidaymakers intending to book cheap flights to Paris, the Greek Islands and other foreign destinations can do so through 

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