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New Trends for Paris Restaurants

09th September 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Many visitors choosing cheap flights to Paris lap up the fine food and drink that is on offer in the many great restaurants of the French capital. However, whilst many will be expecting wines, crusty bread and cheese, the modern Paris can offer something very different.

Paris Cafe

One trend which surprises many visitors is the sheer wealth of tapas restaurants that the city has. Much as in London and many other major cities of the UK, the traditional Spanish food is being eagerly wolfed down – both by native Parisians and visitors.

In typically French fashion though, many of the dishes are taking on a far greater Gallic gastronomy.

A French Twist on a Favourite

The new tapas restaurants, which have really come of age throughout this year, are considered more relaxed affairs. For example, you are just as likely to be served delicately flavoured sardines in a tin and have cutlery presented in a pot at the centre of the table, as you are to be silver served.

Another recent trend which is making headlines throughout the world is the rise of the Caesar salad. A supermarket favourite in the UK now, French eateries are presenting it as something altogether new – though holidaymakers will have to head off the beaten track to the local haunts for a real treat.

Importantly for younger vacationers choosing cheap flights to Paris, the city is also becoming a little trendier, with the relaxed dining including counter seating and live indie music as an alternative.

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