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New Volcano Walking Trails Open in Tenerife

20th November 2012 • Posted in Announcements

A series of dramatic new volcano walking routes have opened in Tenerife giving holidaymakers the chance to experience a new view of the island's legendary volcanic landscapes.

Volcano walk image

The volcano trails are open to self-guided walkers and are divided into five main areas of the island, each offering their own unique perspectives of the sometimes surreal – and never less than fascinating – Tenerife landscape. If you have recently booked cheap flights to Tenerife but worry about your fitness then fear not, as there are routes for people of all ages and differing abilities.

Respecting the Island’s Natural Surroundings

The Tenerife Tourism Corporation has launched the new walking trails as part of a volcanoes initiative that takes a scientific approach to respecting the island's natural surroundings while seeking to give tourists even more insight.

Head of the Tenerife tourism agency Carlos Alonso said the aim is to enable more visitors to see the stunning sights. "There are a range of ways to enjoy this unique attribute of our islands – visitors can scuba dive and see volcanic seascapes, hike along the trails and learn more about the lava flows, or fly in a hang glider and take in the views of volcanoes from above, where some of the most amazing geological formations in the Atlantic can be viewed," he added.

Tenerife is home to the Mount Teide volcano, surrounded by the awe-inspiring Mount Teide National Park – which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. If you opt for Tenerife when booking with you can be sure you are heading to an island with an amazing story to tell.

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