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Nice Has a Lot to Offer its Visitors this May

05th May 2011 • Posted in Announcements

Nice is one of France’s biggest and most famous cities. Abundant in history, its location on the southeast coast of France makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

As a result of its popularity as a tourist destination, Nice has become a hotbed for a multitude of events, ranging widely in their style and genre. For that reason, cheap flights to the city are never lacking, and visitors won’t be left wanting for different ways to divide their time.

 Nice has lots to offer visitors 

Free Events for all the Family

For every Sunday during May, the Maytime Fêtes festival will be on in Nice. Held at the Arènes de Jardins de Cimiez, admittance to the event is completely free, and the activities it offers are far ranging.

Performances from local bands and traditional folk tales told by professional storytellers make up part of the festival, and there’ll also be a bouncy castle for children to enjoy and local food specialities for attendees. Having originated several hundred years ago, the purpose of Maytime Fêtes is to celebrate the arrival of spring and honour the Earth Goddess, and it continues to thrive and grow every year.

Until the end of June, Poets’ Springtime will be held in Nice. For the time that it’s on, events celebrating poetry will be held throughout the city, including in its cafes, school, theatres, and even in the streets themselves. Readings from famous poets make up the bulk of the event, but there’ll also be lectures and talks that will allow attendees to learn more about the written word.

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