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Our 'Elfin-Like' JetAway Issue!

08th November 2012 • Posted in Announcements

The JetAway issue for November 2012 to January 2013 is now onboard our aircraft! Our cover star this month is the elfin-like singer, Pixie Lott, who talks to us about her childhood ambitions and love of mo-town! There’s also a feature on Zante’s own heroes in a half shell, the loggerhead sea turtle. Known in Latin as Caretta caretta, these turtles return every year in July and August to lay their eggs on the sandy shores of Lagunas bay. If you are a music lover, check out our article on the legendary Manchester band, The Stone Roses, who are back on tour and coming to a cinema screen near you with two films celebrating their surprise resurrection. And for all those snow-mad enthusiasts amongst you, read about our alternative guide to snow (no skis or boards allowed!). All this and more in the new issue!

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