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Paris Attraction Opens to Tourists After 500 years

13th August 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Tourists booking cheap flights to Paris this summer will have something extra special to look forward to after it was announced that one of the city’s most impressive buildings, which has been closed for the majority of its 500-year past, will be temporarily opened to the public.

Paris skyline 2

The Tour Saint-Jacques, which offers an impressive 360-degree view of Paris, is among the city’s best-kept secrets. The Gothic tower was built in the 16th Century and was a significant stop on the pilgrimage route to the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela.

Hoping it Will be Popular

While it still hasn’t secured a permanent visitor license, the tower, which is more than 62 metres tall, will remain accessible to tourists until the middle of September.

The move is part of an experiment and it is thought that a permanent license could be issued if it goes well. However, many avid holidaymakers are looking to book cheap flights to Paris from to ensure they don’t miss out.

Speaking about the move, Remi Riviere, head of the local association which will be organising the tours, said:

"We would like it to be open for a longer period each year. If we get a lot of visitors this summer and nobody jumps from the terrace then hopefully the city will give us the green light."

Tour Saint-Jacques is based in the centre of the French capital and offers stunning views to any tourists who are willing to pay the €6 entrance fee and climb the tower’s 300 stairs.

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