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Paris Boasts Several New Openings

24th June 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Paris is known by many names, such as ‘The City of Light’, ‘The City of Love’ and ‘La Ville-Lumiere’. Tourists have long flocked to the French capital to experience the culture, enjoy a romantic getaway or taste the cuisine. A famous city, it certainly lives up to its nicknames, especially with its several new openings in the past year.

Paris Openings

When it comes to booking cheap flights to Paris, most people know exactly where they want to go. For some though, there is so much to experience that it can be overwhelming when planning an agenda. One of the most prestigious places to visit in Paris - and one that has just last year been expanded to become the biggest contemporary arts space in Europe – is the Palais de Tokyo. The space is said to be a monumental pacesetter within today’s art world.

Reopening This Summer

Since many visit Paris to experience the culture, the arts, and the famous locations, it has been said that the Musee Picasso has been missed during its three years of renovations. Luckily for tourists booking cheap flights to Paris this July or August, the museum is set to reopen this summer and includes some much improved museum exhibition spaces, with over 500 pieces of Picasso’s works to be displayed.

Paris relies on its tourist activity very highly, so these renovations and reopenings should be highly effective in bringing in more tourists, as well as attracting some familiar faces this summer. Certainly, cheap flights to Paris from will not go amiss among British tourists.

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