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Paris Set to Get New Leisure District

30th April 2013 • Posted in Announcements

People searching for cheap flights to Paris are set to get much more for their money soon as a new leisure park has been commissioned just outside the city.

Paris Culture Eiffel

A Danish company called BIG has been appointed to design a new leisure complex that will sit on the outskirts of Paris. This complex is set to stretch across 80 hectares and will offer the best of French shopping and leisure to visitors. The new leisure park will sit just north of Le Borge airport and just south west of Charles De Gaulle airport, making the centre easily accessible to tourists.

Even More Reason to Visit

Flights from the UK to Paris have always been popular thanks to the short flight time and relative ease of taking a continental break without too much travelling. Airlines like provide cheap flights to Paris to encourage people to explore the sights that the French capital has on offer, and this new leisure park is set to give Brits another reason to visit.

The development is still being planned, but so far is being called EuropaCity. The leisure park aims to be as sustainable as possible by using geothermal, wind and solar energy and by recycling its own waste to generate heat for things like swimming pools.

EuropaCity is still in development and plans for opening times are still to be confirmed. Until the leisure destination opens, many tourists are set to take advantage of cheap flights to Paris to enjoy the sights that the city already has to offer.

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