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Prague Opens its ‘One World Documentary Film Festival’

04th March 2011 • Posted in Announcements

Prague Opens its ‘One World Documentary Film Festival’

A cheap flight to Prague this March is set to reward film-goers off-season with a socially conscious film festival from 8th to 17th of March. 

Prague is renowned for its cultural strip of theatres, art galleries and Opera houses. This film festival continues to uphold this tradition by giving film-goers a chance to engage with their communities through the power of film. Get your popcorn at the ready but prepare for an uplifting experience; different to that offered at your local multiplex.

Under the theme “your energy is needed elsewhere”, organisers have chosen films that demonstrate ordinary people doing extraordinary things. A highlight is expected to be “the position under the stars”, a film about the effect of globalisation through the eyes of an Indonesian family.

Discover a Prague You Would Never Have Seen

More than 100 films will be screened throughout the festival at over seven different locations. This will be sure to direct you to places in Prague you might never have discovered and promises to lead audiences on their own adventure.

You can also witness the founding charity; People in Need, present the annual Homo Homini award to individuals who have tirelessly promoted human rights, democracy and nonviolent solutions to political conflicts.

Prague itself is an immensely filmable city with buildings and monuments such as the astronomical clock that defines quirky classicism.

A cheap flight to Prague at this time of year from will provide you with enough entertainment to match many summer holidays in other locations.


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