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Prague Poker Festival Comes Back to Town

01st August 2012 • Posted in Announcements

One of Europe’s most beautiful cities will be playing host to a poker tournament unlike any other anywhere in the world.  The Prague Poker Festival will be taking place for the second year running in November, and aside from the usual poker tables there will be much more going on than the recognisable casino classic.  

Prague Poker image

Alongside the events of the poker festival, those with a love of some of the best known mind games can indulge in some big prize challenges of their own, alongside the poker players.

The Mind Sports Festival

Games like Scrabble, Risk, Bridge and Backgammon will all be baking their inaugural appearance at the Prague Poker Festival which takes place between November 16th and December 16th.  Festival organisers, Living it Loving it, are acknowledging the rise in popularity of these kinds of mind games due to the increasing demand and popularity of mobile applications and social gaming drawn from the genre.  The location for this gaming extravaganza is the famous King’s Casino and the five starred Corinthia Hotel.

New Festival Launch

The Prague Mind Sports Festival kicks off right in the middle of the Prague Poker Festival on December 1st, so if you love mind games and want to use your gaming skills to collect some winnings, this could be the perfect time for a city break to Prague, after all it is one of the most underrated and beautiful cities in Europe.  Cheap flights to Prague are readily available from, so start planning your break now.

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