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Private Greek Island Up for Grabs

22nd April 2013 • Posted in Announcements

When considering summer trips, thousands of Brits book holidays to the Greek islands each year, tempted by its stunning warm climate, culture, sandy beaches and warm crystal clear blue water. Those who are fortunate enough to have £100m to spare, however, could go a step further and buy themselves their very own paradise island.

Greek Islands Beach

This is not just any old Greek island though – it’s Skorpios, 200 acres off the western coast of Greece, where Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy married. It has been in the Onassis family for around 50 years, but recent reports say that the granddaughter of Aristotle is going to sell the island for £100m to a billionaire from Russia. However, anybody who can offer more than this could get their own slice of heaven, with plenty of history behind it too.

Discover Your Own Greek Paradise

Onassis bought the island in 1962 for £10,000, at which time it had just a chapel on the barren land. He went ahead and transformed it into what became an idyllic retreat with a luxurious villa. He even imported plants and brought in sand to form a beach. The island has been home to numerous showbiz parties.

Owning a private island is out of most people’s reach, but it is always nice to dream. For the overwhelming majority of us who do not have £100m burning a hole in our pockets, there is nothing to stop us enjoying a couple of weeks in Greece, perhaps through booking flights to the Greek islands this year with 

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