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Putting the Style Back Into Budapest

23rd March 2012 • Posted in Announcements

The 2008 crash seemed to put Hungary’s economy on the back foot, but it is on the rise again and Budapest is leading the charge. 

Its Just Some Crazy Young People Having Fun

A new focus and a change of industry, from food and textile production to luxury cars and services, means Hungary is once again an attractive and glamorous proposition for tourists, and particularly for those with a budget but a taste for something a little more extravagant.

Well served by cheap flights to Budapest, the city is within just a couple of hours of home.  As Hungary’s capital city it is an excellent base for those wishing to explore and immerse themselves in Hungary’s world famous natural spa culture. 

More For Your Money 

Hungary is all set to join the euro, but in the meantime a pound buys a lot of forints, making Budapest a shopper’s paradise.  Take a walking tour of the city to the Váci Utca, one of the most beautiful shopping districts in the world.  The street offers boutiques, restaurants, well known brands and designers, and a thriving marketplace full to the brim with souvenirs of your visit.  

The twin cities of Buda and Pest are unified by the Chain Bridge.  Spanning the Danube River as it divides the capital, each June the bridge is closed to traffic to host the Summer on the Chain Bridge festival, featuring a program of live music, arts and crafts, stalls and cafés every day throughout July.   Families and children are especially welcome, with face painting, rickshaws and the chance to try your hand at Hungarian folk-craft. 

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