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Reasons to be Cheerful!

05th March 2013

As part of a Jet2holidays giveaway with radio station GEM106 at the start of 2013, we asked people what their reasons to be cheerful were.

It’s amazing how cheer inducing it can be just reading about why other people are cheerful! It’s also amazing how many people were just happy that the world didn’t end as predicted on 21st December 2012!

Have a look below at our pick of some of the answers and brighten up your day...

Sun cheer

The sun is shining I am still alive, all is well, what more could I ask for?

Because positivity is the key to success!

I get married in 4 months, 2013 is going to be a fantastic year, full of smiles.

My daughter of whom I have not seen for near 28 years has been back in contact with me, and I find I am a grandfather three times over, and although we are getting to know each other, I look forward in 2013 to seeing my daughter and grand children!

My father’s ewes have started lambing and it is great to go and help him and see the little fluffy lambs being born.

Because we are trying for a baby after getting married in April 2012

It may be cold and wet outside but I'm happy, healthy and warm inside

Because I have 2 beautiful children, a brilliant husband and a fab dog. We are all healthy and happy and have lots to be thankful for. 2013 will be a great year, I am going to be 40 in the summer and so plan to spend most of 2013 celebrating, rather than moaning about getting old. Positivity is the key to happiness.

Because it’s another month closer to the birth of our first child

I am fortunate to have a home, a car, a job which I love to do, family and friends are there if I ever need them..... I am thankful for these blessings and love my life that is all I need to be cheerful.

Because we have a 10 month old son who we have waited many years for.

Why not? I'm healthy, I've got a good job and a lovely family - why be miserable? :)

I am cheerful because I kicked my cheating husband of 8 years out and now I’m living my life again. I’m visiting friends, getting out more and just generally living again

I am also organising my 40th birthday party at the end of Feb.

So 2 big reasons to be cheerful

Because my New Years resolution is to be slim and sporty, not fat and forty.

Summer is on its way

The Golf Season is one month closer. Yee Ha

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