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Recreating the Orchards of the Past in the Algarve

12th February 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Visit the Algarve this coming summer and you could notice something different about the place.  An experimental programme is underway to restore some of the traditional fruit orchards that once covered the lands and scented the streets with the unmistakable aroma of freshly picked fruits.  The traditional farmers markets will take on a whole new dimension as the trees of the experimental orchards bear fruit.

Orchards of the Algarve image

Reconstructing the Past

Traditional varieties of fig and carob trees, as well as other varieties of traditional fruit bearing trees are being brought back to life, and once again, the fruits that are expected are set to put all of the international imports currently available to shame. Holiday makers to the island will now get to experience the true fragrances of the island , from the blossom in the orange groves to the fresh produce on the market stalls, just as it should be.

Facing the Future

The future of the fruit industry in the Algarve looks promising, and just adds to the list of reasons why it is the perfect summer holiday destination.  The smell of the fruit blossom adds a certain something to the air, the fresh produce on the market stalls looks too goo d to eat and the sun and the beaches make it a truly wonderful place to be.  What could be better than grabbing one of the cheap flights to the Algarve from and experiencing the warm sun, wonderful food and relaxing atmosphere of this incredible holiday destination for yourself?

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