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Short Breaks Relax British Workers

08th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

When it comes to booking the annual holiday, most people cannot wait to leave the office behind and top up their tans. However, surveys have revealed that many Brits are so involved in work that they find it hard to switch off during their holiday, with constant thoughts and worries about work back home. 

According to recent research, a two week holiday gives the average worker only four days of relaxation, with the rest spent worrying about work. Cheap flights to Cyprus or the Balearic Islands, however, are constantly available for either short trips or longer breaks, and the price at least allows workers to rest assured they are not breaking the bank.

Maybe a City Break Instead

Many workers start to worry about work after just one week away, often leaving the pool to check emails or check up on colleagues on laptops and smartphones. Most believe that a two week holiday gives them enough chance to unwind and switch off. It has been found that one in five Brits believe a short break is more relaxing than a longer trip since they don’t have to worry about too much work mounting up, and there is less work to do after the end of the holiday.

While many Brits find it easy to switch off and forget about work, a lot of holidaymakers worry about what they have left behind. Fortunately,’s cheap flights to Cyprus, Barcelona and the Balearic Islands can provide either short or long trips to effectively break up the year.

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