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Soaking Up the Christmas Sun on the Costas

26th December 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Snowmen have been swapped for sandcastles, and eggnog and mulled wine for sangria by thousands of families this year all looking to leave the winter behind and enjoy Christmas beneath the warmth of the sun.  In fact some holiday companies have reported an increase in sales of more than 150% for winter sun breaks.  It seems that thoughts of summer 2013 are just too far away and people are reaching out to the sun right now.

Christmas Costas

Popularity Never Fades

The Costas have always been a popular destination for the British sun seekers, and this winter alone there has been a reported increase of more than 70% in sales of winter break packages.  It seems that as the world becomes smaller thanks to all of the advances in travel and communications, people think nothing about travelling abroad more often on order to feel better, to get away from the bad weather at home, or to try a new experience at a time of year that is traditionally about home and hearth.

In Search of the Sun

With the British summer never guaranteed to be either dry or warm, summer sunshine holidays for 2013 are more in demand than ever.  With a number of great packages and cheap flights to the Spanish Costas available from there has never been a better time to book your place in the sun this summer.  There are millions of sandcastles just waiting to be made this summer season, make sure that your kids get their chance to make them. 

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