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Spanish Resorts Boast Lower Prices, According to Study

15th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

According to recent findings from the Post Office, the average self-catering holiday in Spain is a lot cheaper than trips to many other holiday hotspots.

Spain Cheaper Flights

The study found that many Spanish destinations currently offer better value than resorts in the eastern Mediterranean. A basket of 20 typical products, including beer and bread, came to half the price it would have done in Cyprus. Even bars and restaurants are dropping prices so families holidaying in Spain can expect to stretch their cash further.

Spain has experienced a degree of uncertainty within the economy lately, which means many shops have had to cut prices, much to the benefit of British tourists who are on the lookout for budget holidays. Goods and services in the country are said to be around 20% cheaper than they were last year, meaning cheap flights to the Balearic Islands can be combined with affordable luxury within the resorts to create the perfect holiday.

Many Reasons to Enjoy Holidays in Spain

The lower prices have come about due to the recession in Spain and because of fierce competition with other countries for tourist interest. While these top resorts battle over which gets the most tourists, offers cheap flights to the Balearic Islands and Barcelona, ensuring an affordable holiday can be planned with equally affordable travel arrangements.

There are many resorts in Spain which are popular with tourists because of the hot weather, relaxed atmosphere and stunning attractions and scenery. Nowadays, many Brits are looking for cheap flights to the Balearic Islands as well as other resorts in the country, and it certainly provides affordable deals.

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