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Studies Show Holidays Have Health Benefits

17th June 2013 • Posted in Announcements

There is no doubt that holidays provide happiness, offering a chance to either have as much fun as possible or relax all week. Now, a new study suggests that holidays are also beneficial to people’s health, giving them the chance to recover from the stress of everyday life and work.

Relaxing Holidays

These findings were confirmed when a work and organisation psychologist from Finland’s University of Tampere recently studied how much impact a holiday has on a person’s health and happiness. It was found that those who spend money on concerts or family holidays were happier than those who bought material items. The psychologist, Dr. Jessica de Bloom, concludes that experiences do not wear out over time, and material objects do not compare to cheap flights to Barcelona and other such exciting locations.

Making Choices Leads to Happiness

The study found that another factor in holidaymakers’ happiness was being able to make their own choices about what activities to undertake during the holiday. Those who had the freedom to choose activities to suit their needs were happier than those who were goaded into things. Cities like Barcelona and Amsterdam have no shortage of attractions, but being able to choose where to go is crucial.

It was also found that taking short breaks as opposed to longer ones is more beneficial to health. Frequent breaks are said to be crucial to health as they give people a chance to relax on a regular basis. This suggests that taking advantage of’s regular cheap flights to Barcelona can make people happier and healthier.

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