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Take A Fang-Tastic Tour of Budapest

15th December 2011 • Posted in Announcements

With its cobbled streets, imposing, domed buildings and exuberant castles, Budapest is a city to sink your teeth into – literally, as it holds a very special place in the history of 15th century vampire literature, long before Edward Cullen first bared his fangs.

Budapest at Night

Visegrad Castle, looming atop a hill overlooking the Danube River and reached by a long winding road, is better known as the place where brutal Vlad Dracolya, or Vlad the Impaler, was kept for ten years. Vlad himself, however, later became the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s bloodthirsty vampire, Dracula. 

Go Gothic In Budapest

To commemorate this fascinating part of Budapest’s history, the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in Budapest is offering its guests a tour of the city to delight visitors of all ages - undead or otherwise. 

Inspired by the new generation of vampire tales, ‘Twilight in Budapest’ will take guests around the gorgeously gothic city in their very own limo, gracefully negotiating the cobblestone streets before making the journey up the hill to (vampire-free) Visegrad. 

Also included in the half-day tour is a glass of Egri Bikavér red wine, also known as ‘bull’s blood’, at the Hotel Bar. Each guest will also receive a keepsake of a vampire themed book or DVD by which to remember their day.

To book Twilight in Budapest, simply contact the concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace. The tour is available until July 2012. Cheap flights to Budapest are available online through and are now available from their Leeds Bradford base too.

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