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Test Your Endurance in Tenerife

09th October 2013 • Posted in Announcements

This October the highest mountain race in Tenerife takes place where runners will scale the famous Bluetrail route. It is an arduous route that provides a great test for runners.

Tenerife Endurance

Tenerife, with its Winter Sun, is a popular destination for holidaymakers looking to push themselves and take on challenges. Mount Teide is a popular area for runners and cyclists. 

 A Great Place for a Race 

The conditions – glorious sunshine to most holidaymakers – make the challenges even harder but for the discerning runner or cyclist it is a measure of their ability.

The island also has rewards aplenty for those who take on such feats of athletic magnitude. Vast stretches of golden and black sand await and the beautiful blue waters are appealing. 

There are also numerous places where athletes can refresh and relax. The busy resorts have plenty of bars and restaurants and some of the quieter ones have charming little tavernas.

So, for anyone considering an athletic escape to Tenerife this October, whether they’re taking part in the Bluetrail route or not, will find plenty to do. offer flights to Tenerife at great prices. 

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