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The Food at the Heart of Cypriot Culture

09th August 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Food and all aspects of it play an important part of life on the island of Cyprus.  Whilst modern convenience and fast food is rearing its ugly head in just about every location on the planet, the people of Cyprus know that their diet keeps them healthy and is revered by non-Mediterranean residents with envious eyes.  Traditional and authentic recipes are at the very heart of the culture here and cooking is a tradition that is passed from one generation to the next.

Cyprus Cuisine image

Mixed Tastes

Due to the heritage and history of the island the cuisine is an incredible mix and blend of traditional flavours from the Middle East, Greece and Turkey.  While there are many differences between the cultures of the North and South of the island, the food and the love of cooking is something that both parts have in common.  Spices warm even the most simple of dishes and the cooks on the island of Cyprus use mint in ways it is not used anywhere else.

Taste and Enjoy

Some of the most common foods on the island are meatballs, stuffed vine leaves and anything that you can grill outdoors!  Fish, cheese and rustic breads also find their way onto the dinner table.  No matter what you taste in food you will find that the recipes can easily be adapted to suit.  Next time you want a taste adventure check out for a cheap flight to Cyprus and explore the fabulous Mediterranean diet of the residents.

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