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The Quirkiest Hotels and Hostels to Discover in Berlin

30th July 2012 • Posted in Announcements

‘Quirky’ is an adjective that’s often used to describe Berlin, but when it comes to their places to stay, there’s no better word. Whether you’d like to stay in an artist-designed abode, a super-chic hostel or even a fake coffin, there are many weird and wonderful places to discover on cheap flights to Berlin – just don’t forget to bring an open mind!

Berlin Place to Stay image

The Art Hotel Luise is one such location, where each room has been designed by a different artist. It is frequently referred to as a ‘living gallery’, as guests are encouraged to bring a painting in exchange for a free night’s stay, but if you forget to pack a piece of art on your cheap flight to Berlin you’ll still find the hotel to be very budget-friendly. 

Snooze in Style

Not that Berlin is short of affordable places to stay, but one of the coolest has to be the MichelBerger hostel, which is like a cross between a hip friend’s apartment and a flea market. Rows of books line the walls and retro furniture and reclaimed pieces decorate each room, but the highlight has to be the loft room with its extremely cool mezzanine floor. 

However if you have a taste for more unusual locations, they don’t come much more unique than the Propeller Island Hotel. The German artist Lars Stroschen designed each room individually, and you can sleep in a green-padded cell, an elevated cage, a comfortable coffin or even a box beneath the floor!

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